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Implants & Periodontics

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  • Non-surgical periodontal management:
  • Scaling and Root planning (Infection control for people with bone and gum diseases around teeth)

Your teeth are moving- No problems; we could help you maintain your natural teeth as long as you need to; Oral health management for patients with mild to complex systemic medical history (Diabetes, heavy smokers, heart conditions etc…)

Treatment of peri-implantitis (gum and bone problems around implants)

- This is an infection control stage during periodontal therapy: The purpose of this phase is to remove plaque and calculus (Tartar) reduce inflammation, and achieve a healthy gum state

- Usually patient will be given an antibiotics and possible antiseptic mouthwash

- Our goal is to make this as comfortable as possible using any level of sedation and local anesthetics

- Patients should expect minimal to moderate level of soreness 1-2 days after the procedure and Tylenol or Ibuprofen should help